Mini Calendar on Journal Entries

Contextual search as default

Search is now local by default. This utilizes the hierarchical structure of concepts in Knowfox and generally seems to be what users expect.

Firefox Extension for Bookmarking

Knowfox bookmarking now works on the new blasingly fast Firefox browser, using the new Knowfox extension for Firefox.

Knowfox as Data Structure Server

Upgraded to Laravel 5.5 LTS

Knowfox now runs on the latest version of the Laravel framework, Laravel 5.5 LTS.


Besides hierarchies, Knowfox also has tagging for concepts. This article gives an overview.

New feature: Bi-directional links

New feature: Todo items

Content Managemement

Knowfox is now a web content management system, too. More specifically, it is a CMS with an static site generator, driven by content written in Markdown and a layout crafted in beautiful Blade templates.

Events and timelines

Today marks another milestone in the evolution of Knowfox: The introduction of timelines and events.

View counts

To better be able to find recently visited as well as popular concepts, I have introduced two new fields in the database: viewed_count and viewed_at.

An ebook library

Knowfox now stores my complete ebook library!

Other note taking apps

There are myriads of note taking apps on the market, both commercial as well as free and open source. But only after starting to roll my own, I am finally able to reap the synergies of archiving all my thoughts in a single place and feeding all my digital outlets from a single source.

Knowfox auf dem Bonner Barcamp 2017