Knowfox as Data Structure Server

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter for Knowfox, it's use as a general data structure server. I have integrated an OAuth2 server into Knowfox and exposed a new API endpoint for retrieving concepts with their attributes and children. The formats are still very much experimental and will likely change to include more robust models and collections. You can see an example above.

The new infrastructure was surprisingly easy to integration, leveraging Laravel's phantasic Passport. There is more goodness in Laravel, namely Resources, that I plan to use, but this is a start.

The development of the system started in the beginning of 2017 when I was looking for a repository for the work I had to do on Gojko Adzic's Impact Maps at the time.

Since then, I have enjoyed the liberating advantages that a unified personal knowledge base, founded on an opensource platform, has. I could completely replace Evernote as my heavily used note taking platform, I have imported my eBook library, my family lifelines, and have started to migrate my various websites to use Knowfox's static website generator.

Knowfox has a functional user interface that I use on a daily basis. However, until now, I was still struggling to work with richer presentation forms like outlines or even - the holy grail for me - 2d canvases like the one in Tinderbox.

With the new API, I hope to be able to more swiftly experiment with new ideas. This is also an invitation to other developers to use Knowfox as their underlying data structure.