Contextual search as default

Search is now local by default. This utilizes the hierarchical structure of concepts in Knowfox and generally seems to be what users expect.

Today sees a major update in how search works in Knowfox. Search is now local to the current concept by default. This allows, for example, to search for a term only within journal entries or only within non-fiction books.

As you can see in the picture above, it is still possible to search along the breadcrumbs or even globally by selecting the desired search context from the dropdown in the search widget at the top of the page.

In e-commerce, this kind of search is referred to as search within. Usability studies suggest that this is generally what users expect.

The code change required was surprisingly minor. As concepts are already arranged as nested sets, using left/right threading in the database, adding a search context to search parameters was a small change and will perform efficiently.