Mini Calendar on Journal Entries

Yesterday, I have made some updates to the type of pages I use on a daily basis: Journal entries.

Journal entries are now created as their own type journal. This makes it possible to display journal entries slightly differently from other entries. One useful addition was a mini calendar in the right sidebar, implemented using the nice Vue component by Nathan Reyes.

The Javascript framework Vue.js is very neatly integrated with Laravel. I use it at a few places already, namely for the dialog to share concepts. The new calendar is the first time that I use an external component. Encapsulated components are a real strength of Vue.js. In particular, the vcalendar is a real powerhouse of features, yet by virtue of Vue components, it is very easy to integrate.

For now, I have made two adjustments to the bare calendar:

  • The current day is highlighted
  • Clicking a day opens the corresponding journal entry

In the future, the calendar could show much more information. Here is an image from its documentation:


Nearly from day one, Knowfox had some provisions to make journalling easy:

A link to today's journal entry right at the top:


Special URLs for journal entries:

On creation, journal entries receive a simple navigation at the top with some special twists to handle weekends:


So, please give journalling a try. If you have suggestions for more calendar features in Knowfox, please share them by opening an issue.