Bookmarks must now be unique

A small change, granted, but one that has bugged me for some time now: The angst of collecting an URL twice and not realizing it.

Now I have finally fixed this. Bookmarks must be unique. In case you collect a bookmark a second time, you get a note and the link to the original bookmark. Checking includes variants with and without https and with or without www., of course.

Other than that: I have bought me a new iPad with a pen. This means I do my handwritten note taking in Notability now, of course not without evaluating the other gazillian note taking apps before that. The runner ups were Goodnotes (nice, but a bit on the ugly side) and the venerable Apple Notes app. This also means that sooner or later Knowfox will need a sync facility with both iCloud and Pocket. But before that, I need to learn Elm to be able to create a new, outliner-based editor for Knowfox. Onwards...