New feature: Todo items

Today Knowfox got an important update: To do items.

When saving a concept, bullet items with a leading [ ] or [x] are extracted and placed in separate lists as todo items. There are two new toplevel menu items, one for open tasks, one for closed ones.


Items may have a due date and multiple tags. Due dates are dates with format 2017-08-20 anywhere on the item. Tags are introduced with a hash sign, e.g. Urlaub2017. In addition to individual tags, items also inherit tags from the containing concept:


In the lists, the tags become clickable links and help to organize my tasks.

With this new feature, I plan to become super organized. The feature was inspired by the on-paper method BulletJournal, a well as by the two tools TaskPaper and NotePlan.

Let's compare the new notation with BulletJournal. In BulletJournal, you write open tasks as a simple bullet item with an *. Completed items are marked with a X instead. There is also notation for migrated tasks > and schedules ones <.

In Knowfox, I write a task as a bullet item with an open or crossed checkbox. If I want to schedule a task for a specific date, I just add that date to the line:


Migration is not necessary in a digital system. The tasks stay on the To do list until you tick them off.

Of course, I can still have bullet lists without checkboxes. I use these to sketch out ideas or log events. They won't appear on any of my item lists.

BulletJournal defines a set of signifiers for tasks: Priority *, inspiration !, explore eye. In Knowfox, there is no such notion. However, I can use tags to the same effect:


The current set of features provides a flexible basis to stay on top of my tasks. Future extensions may bring more integration with concept tags, more automatic linking and advance notifications. No promisses ;)