Bookmarking rebooted

A new package to sync Pocket bookmarks into Knowfox makes the old Firefox extension obsolete.

My last update to the bookmarking facility in Knowfox is nearly two years ago. I had just bought a new iPad and had started to migrate all my handwritten note taking to the iPad. I still use this very iPad on a daily basis for this note taking. Already in this article, I postulated that at some point I would need an interface to Pocket and to Notability.

Finally today, I have built a Knowfox package to sync the bookmarks from Pocket into Knowfox. The package is deployed on and checks every 10 minutes for new bookmarks on Pocket. For this to work, the package needs an access token from Pocket.

You can get one by logging into Once you have logged in by clicking on the link that you will receive in your email, click on the new menu entry:


From there, on the first invokation, you are redirected to Pocket to log in. This is the usual OAuth2 flow that Pocket supports. This flow means that your Pocket username and password are never stored in Knowfox.

Once this process has completed, you are presented with the Pocket bookmarks of the current day:


From then on, in the background, a scheduled job syncs your Pocket bookmarks every 10 minutes.

This means, the Firefox extension for Knowfox is now officially deprecated: