A Release, albeit a tiny one

It has been a long time, but I have finally made a new release of Knowfox. There a are still many ideas to be realised, but I started with a little feature and the removal of a long standing annoyance and the fixing of a bug.

The feature: Every concept has a summary. Now, I include these summaries in folders and book lists. I realized that this might be useful when I converted the Knowfox backlog from a single concept into three lists with ideas, active tasks, and completed tasks.

I even added an idea to show this list as a board, the way Workflowy does it.

The annoyance was the delicacy of the relationship editor. Well the editor is still only a textbox that expects YAML, but, at least, broken YAML now no longer crashes it:


And finally the bug. There is a constraint on slugs, that is the unique addresses of concepts, to be unique within a parent. The edit form used to crash when you deliberately entered a slug that was not unique.

Well, no more. You can now have a slug on a concept, and if you move it to a parent that already has an item with the same slug, the new slug simply gets modified to be unique.