Other note taking apps

There are myriads of note taking apps on the market, both commercial as well as free and open source. But only after starting to roll my own, I am finally able to reap the synergies of archiving all my thoughts in a single place and feeding all my digital outlets from a single source.

Today, there is an informative thread on HackerNews about a new note taking app, kobble.io. Kobble itself uses markdown and JSON structures, stored in Github Gists, to store content.

Kobble has a nice design, but has a data model that sticks to terminology from streaming services like channel, playlists, and track, which is a bit strange for a note taking app.

Kobble claims to be the only note taking app where you own your data. This, of course, is an alternative fact. At least for Knowfox I am pretty sure that I own my data. And it is quite easy to install, too.

Nicely enough, the comment thread about Kobble collects a fair number of alternative note taking apps:

When I decided to write Knowfox, I had a similar list. Ultimately, non of those stuck. I am quite happy with Knowfox now that I finally came around to writing it :)