Events and timelines

Today marks another milestone in the evolution of Knowfox: The introduction of timelines and events.

Way back in December 2013, in the few weeks between leaving Cocomore and joining Chefkoch, I built two web sites, one of which was As the name suggested (or not), you could manage entangled life timelines there. If you hosted an Entangle server yourself, timelines could be federated, linking between the hosted installations.

The software that ran the site is open source. However, after starting work on Knowfox earlier this year, I felt that Entangle ought to be integrated into it. This gives me a nice way of linking between timeline events and other concepts or journal entries in my commonplace book that Knowfox has become. It also nicely extends the editing capabilities for the textbox in events to Markdown and picture uploads.


Today now marks the launch of events and timelines in Knowfox. There is a whole new way to integrated this kind of isolated funktionality into Knowfox, using Composer packages. In fact, all of the Entangle funktionality is contained in a separate package on Github. Over time, there will be more packages, each implementing a certain content type or aspect of the system.